Tour artist studios, private collections, public art, and selected art venues in uptown New Orleans.

We propose to present artist studios, private collections of art, public art and selected art venues in what New Orleanians refer to as Uptown, or that part of the city above Canal Street, our main dividing line between the upriver residential and commercial neighborhoods of New Orleans and those further downriver. While the Uptown section of the city includes some of the most exclusive residences, it also includes a diverse range of New Orleans neighborhoods due to historical patterns that kept neighborhoods in close range. The high water table of swampy areas reached as you radiate away from the river were not developed for housing until well after World War II. The Garden District is filled with gracious mansions, cottages, and shotgun houses. 

Our tour will include some of the most elegant homes of collectors whose work ranges from historical to contemporary; studios of artists working in a variety of media; Newcomb Art Gallery at Tulane University (home to the Women’s Art Movement at the end of the 19th century); and Newcomb Pottery (now a gallery for contemporary work).

With several important initiatives in the presentation of public art such as the Prospect.3 exhibits, New Orleans is now home to an impressive collection of major public art works in the Central Business District as well as throughout the city. We shall view of many of these works on our tour. Interspersed will be a stop for lunch at either a traditional neighborhood style "po-boy" shop or one of our newer small restaurants with contemporary interpretations of regional cuisine. 

Our guides will include creative artists and administrators familiar with the growing art scene in New Orleans. 

Transportation will be by buses, size TBD depending on tour registration. 

We will provide creative "favors" made by local artists as traditional New Orleans "lagniappe", or a little something extra. 

The tour can begin with an overview lecture by a curator, artists, or arts leader.