Experience second line celebrations in historic Treme

Gospel, the famed New Orleans “Second Line”, and the costumes, music and marching of Mardi Gras Indians are at the heart of the evolution of this city’s unique culture. These elements come together around St. Augustine Church in the Treme on Sunday mornings. The morning can begin with either a traditional gospel or jazz based mass at the church, long considered to be one of the city’s most iconic. A second line parade, led by one of the city’s numerous brass bands, will take visitors through the Creole cottage and shotgun filled streets of Treme. Mardi Gras Indian costumes are on display in the Backstreet Museum across from the church. Members of a tribe can help explain the traditions of these groups that work year round on their elaborate bead and feather costumes and rehearse their marching music. Members of a tribe can be part of the second line parade. The morning’s festivities end with “brunch” at Little Dizzy’s, a nearby restaurant serving traditional New Orleans neighborhood cuisine.