Tour art houses below Canal Street 

This tour can begin with a light lunch or breakfast at the Art House on Esplanade, home to artist/urban planner Robert Tannen and CANO Executive Director Jeanne Nathan. While surrounded by the abundant art and decorative features of this 19th century Esplanade mansion, Nathan and Tannen provide an overview of the changing art movements in New Orleans, highlighting the explosion of creative ventures in the neighborhoods below Canal Street, including Esplanade Ridge/Bayou Road/Treme; Marigny and By-Water; Lower 9th Ward (Brad Pitt’s “Make It Right” village; Global Green Homes, Joan Mitchell Foundation; and the Holy Cross neighborhood) that hugs the Mississippi River. The tour ends with light refreshments and a walk on the Mississippi river levee located at the Art House on the Levee, a studio and community art center. Along the way visitors will experience studios, private collections, and several of the city’s newest co-op art galleries where artists from the region and  country have come together to spark a new art movement in this culturally fertile but generally traditional city.

 Learn about the depth of our cultural engagement while gleaning great ideas from the French, Caribbean, African, and contemporary inspirations of "New Orleans Style".