Tour the interiors of New Orleans’ cultural collectors, creatives, and producers. Visit artist studios, galleries, institutions, or a pop-up exhibition curated especially for your group.

We tailor the creative experience to your interests. Let us find and plan a tour for your group, club, or conference. We’ll connect you with a special venue and talent for your event. Instead of a souvenir, take home a work of art! Build your collection in the Big Easy.

With 35 years of experience in the creative sector of the Crescent City, CANO Executive Director Jeanne Nathan work a team of young creatives who are up on the latest trends in New Orleans’ exploding art scene. Our tours and events are unmatched for their knowledge and access to authentic New Orleans cultural experiences.

Contact Wendy Sack to request proposals for your visit!

Wendy Sack
Event and Tour Manager

Wendy Sack holds a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Tulane University, an interdisciplinary degree in intellectual history, and a Bachelors of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto. She was the Assistant Dean at Tulane School of Architecture for twenty-five years, and is an accomplished jewelry designer. She has worked as executive assistant in private philanthropy directed toward the British Museum, Westminster Abbey, Harvard University and the city of Portland Maine. 

Jeanne Nathan
Executive Director

Jeanne Nathan has been a go to person in the arts and cultural economy practically since she hit the tarmac in New Orleans in 1972. A graduate of Cornell University, she has focused her career on expanding opportunities for artists of all disciplines and helping to grow the creative economy. 

She founded the Creative Alliance of New Orleans, an organization aimed at expanding opportunities for creative artists and producers of all disciplines, and helping to grow the cultural economy. A key initiative of CANO has been producing tours, events, and experiences for visitors that introduce them to a wide variety of cultural resources in the city.

Nathan and her husband, artist and urban planner Robert Tannen formed a group of artists and arts supporters that founded the Contemporary Arts Center, now more than 35 years old, and one of the nation's most successful and sustained arts institutions showcasing the work of living artists.

As head of her own marketing company she developed numerous award winning cultural initiatives that were integral to the business, community and commercial development plans of clients and organizations including the Art Exchange Show, an arts fair staged in vacant office space in the Financial District of New York City, and a Downtown Holiday Shopping Campaign to celebrate the return of the restored St. Charles Avenue streetcar line in New Orleans.

She also presently hosts a weekly radio program, "Crosstown Conversations" that promotes dialogue between different sectors of the city on urban planning, environmental and cultural development issues. The program was fostered during her seven years working on all phases of the recovery, rebuilding, and new zoning planning for the City of New Orleans.