Art Home New Orleans is part of The Creative Alliance of New Orleans, a non profit organization whose mission is to promote sustainable careers for artists and to advocate for greater investment in the creative economy. We hope to develop New Orleans as a leading international center for the arts and creative industries. We present cultural tours and experiences as one strategy to advance awareness of the work of regional artists; to encourage the collection of art; to familiarize both visitors and residents with the scope and range of creative arts of all disciplines being produced in New Orleans and the surrounding region. Following are sample descriptions of alternative tours..

The Creative Alliance of New Orleans has the key to the doors of this new City and offers experiences as no other organization or tour company can. Thirty-five years of experience working in the creative culture of New Orleans positions us as your number one organization to lead you through the magic of this City. Enjoy the first-hand knowledge and experience of New Orleans’ creative artists and producers as well as the expertise of academic and business leaders. Come experience the City with us, and allow us to help you plan first-class transportation, access to great restaurants and advice on accommodations.